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“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” – Albert Einstein

Along our journey we will be writing school newsletters for both teachers and children to enjoy. We hope to introduce you to a few facts that we have learnt about the countries that we have travelled through. We hope you enjoy reading them!

School Newsletter

December issue, 2008

February Issue, 2009

March Issue, 2009

April Issue also Faces of Peru Powerpoint, 2009

May/June Issue, 2009 

July Issue, 2009

 New! August Issue, 2009 


We hope that both teachers and students will find the following links useful to learn a little more about the world that we live in.

We are constantly in awe and wonder of this amazing planet we live on. So whether you are interested in learning about a specific country, fancy trying out a craft idea, or would like to arrange a global week at your school then the following links might be of use to you.

Have you found any links or lesson plans that we should add to our site? If so, please email us.           


Recycling and Waste

Cycling Nomads Classroom Display (zip file)


Learn Spanish

Global Week

Bicycle Facts

Cooking with Kelly


Have we been to talk to your school? Did you carry out any projects as a result of our talks? If so, please let us know if you have any resources or photos that we could use to add to our site.

Did you enjoy our presentation or assembly? Perhaps you would like to keep track of us by downloading our classroom display resources.

Have you found any links that aren’t working properly? If so, drop us an email at


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