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SOS Children’s Villages is the worlds largest charity for orphaned and abandoned children. The charity has provided a home for 60,000 children in over 123 countries worldwide, and helps more than a million people through their projects around the world. There main role is for helping children who do not have parents; AIDs orphans, street children, child soldiers, and children orphaned by war and poverty.


SOS villages provide every child with:

• a mother - every child has a caring parent

brothers and sisters - family ties

grow naturally

• a house - each family creates its own home

• a village - the SOS family is part of a

community.  Girls and boys of different ages live together

with their SOS mother in the SOS Children’s Village, which provides a permanent home for a happy, positive childhood. An average of 15 family homes form the children’s village, which is an integral part of the wider community. SOS mothers and families are guided and

supported by the village director, while SOS aunts help out with childcare responsibilities and daily life in the village.


Unlike many other international NGOs, SOS Children is run by local people with a specific knowledge and understanding of their region; they are therefore directly responsible for the development of their own community.

“SOS Children” refers to SOS Kinderdorf worldwide. SOS Children is a working name for SOS Children’s Villages UK.

Charity Commission registered number 1069204


Julia's House is Dorset's only hospice dedicated to children with life-limiting conditions. The majority of the children that they care for are unlikely to live beyond the age of 18.

The children's hospice complements the work of the Julia's House Community Team, which consists of 50 nurses and carers who travel the county, providing life-changing support for families in their own homes. In 2006, the charity provided more that 6,000 hours of care for Dorset's children.

To date, Julia's House has received less than five per cent of its funding from the Government and that was for 2007 only, and the rest of its essential income has been raised by the Dorset community. It cost £1.2m to run Julia's House in 2007.

Day care at the hospice will gradually increase to provide more hours of care until it eventually becomes a 24 hour a day seven days a week operation. Overnight stays are expected to begin in summer 2008.

If you would like to find out how your monetary donations could help, please click on this PDF document.

Charity Commission registered number: 1067125


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